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Tri-County Camaros is the most elite and most active Camaro Club in South Florida and certainly one of the most active in the country. The club was formed in July of 2012 and was called SWFL Camaro Club. The club held its first meet in August 2012 and has held a meet at least once each month ever since. Those that have participated can attest it's a lot of fun and they've met some really great people and made lifetime friendships. On 30 March 2013 the SWFL Camaro Club met and approved a merger with Tri-County Camaros. At that time Tri-County Camaros had chapters in the Miami and Tampa areas. Membership requires commitment of each member. The club may not accept all individuals that indicate they want to be members; so please do not send money and ask 'where's my shirt?' If you want to become a member of the Southwest Florida Chapter of TRI-COUNTY CAMAROS the only way to achieve that is to come out and become active in club activities and indicate your willingness to follow the tenets followed and enjoyed by the membership. Yes, we are a Camaro club, but to us it is much more than that. We are a group that puts the people and friendships first. The cars are great, but let's face it: at the end of the day it is a car. We are not about high membership numbers. We are all about quality. A minimum of at least one monthly meet will be set up for the chapter. The membership decides when and where the club will meet and everyone has an equal voice in the decision-making process. The meets may be local or we may travel as a group to various activities to include joining our sister chapters for activities. There is a onetime club membership fee of $30. With that fee you will be provided three Tri-County window badges, and when sufficient funds are in the treasury, the membership will decide how to spend it. If this is the type of club that interests you and you think you have what it takes to be Tri-County then come to the club's next meet and let's get acquainted. Click on "contact us" below to learn more about the club.

SWFL Tri-County Members:

SPD2612 (John) 2011 2SS/RS LS3, Fort Myers
AFCMSGTRET (Jerry) 2011 2SS LS3, Lehigh Acres (RIP! You Will Be Missed)
HOLLA72 (Jennifer) 2013 Dusk Edition Convertible, Cape Coral
JIMS2SSL99 (Jim) 2011 2SS/RS L99, Gateway
HD48 (Rob) 2010 2SS/RS L99, Cape Coral
NA (Jack) 2011 1SS Convertible, Ft Myers
INFERNO (Rick) 2012 LS1, Cape Coral
NA (Eric) 1998 SS, Cape Coral
NA (Marty) 2013 ZL1, Cape Coral
CHERRYBOMB (Denise) 2014 SS/1LE
CAMARODREAMS76 (Dustin) 2013 SS/1LE
2012RS2LT (Eric R.) 2012 2LT/RS
NA (Ray L.) 2000 Z28, Lehigh Acres
Grizz9965 (Mike) 2012 2LS/RS, Clearwater
BadBowtie (Joe) 2010 2SS, Matlacha FL
NA, (Bill K) 2014 LS
NA, (Cody L) 1987 Z28, Lehigh Acres
NA, (Wayne R) 1999 Z28, North Port/Canada
Perfucto (Chris), 2013 ZL1, Estero
Union894 (Tony) 2010 2SS/LS3, Cape Coral
SLVRSPNT (Steve H) 2014 1LT, Cape Coral
NA, (Larry A) 1980 Z28, Cape Coral
BMCLARK, (Bryan C) 2013 1LT, Fort Myers
NA, (Ron J.) 1998 SS & 2012 CTS-V, Lehigh Acres
More to come

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